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Barriers and Success Factors in Adoptions from Foster Care:
Perspectives of Families and Staff




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Support Group for Your Area

Several areas of the state have no support groups for adoptive parents.  If you would like to form a group or need information about how COAC can help you form a group, please contact Avril Suckow, the state president.   We would like to help groups form in the Dallas, Fort Worth,  Panhandle, West Texas and other areas of the state.  Let us know how we can help.  You can contact the state president whose information can be access from the Officers link below.


Barriers and Success Factors in Adoptions from Foster Care: Perspectives of Families and Staff
By Ruth G. McRoy, PhDM.

As part of the Collaboration to AdoptUsKids between the years 2002-2007, two legislatively mandated adoption research studies were conducted by the University of Texas at Austin Center for Social Work Research.

The “Barriers Study” focused on barriers to adoption experienced by a nationwide purposive sample of 300 families who were in the process of adopting a child from the child welfare system. In addition, a nationwide sample of 382 private and public agency adoption staff members were surveyed to assess their perspectives on barriers to the adoption process.

The second study, referred to as the “Success Factors Study,” involved a four-year prospective examination of a nationwide sample of 161 adoptive families who had adopted children from the child welfare system in order to identify factors that contributed to their successful adoption outcomes. More...

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Council of Adoptable Children of Texas, Inc. is a non-profit organization of citizens concerned about children who wait for permanent homes.

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