Children Who Wait

May 2009

Savannah and Jonathan

Savannah and Jonathan are two great kids that deserve a wonderful home. They love each other very much, but they know how to push each others buttons. They both love to play outside and enjoy playing sports with each other. Jonathan and Savannah have great personalities and find friends wherever they go. They have a younger sibling who they adore and it is very important that their new family maintain contact with their sibling. Their family will need to provide a loving, nurturing environment with a consistent routine and set positive boundaries. The family needs to have some experience in dealing with developmental issues and ensure any needed services are provided.

Savannah, born in January 1997, is a cute and outgoing child. She likes to listen to music and watch movies as well as shopping and trying on clothes. She is very talkative and informs everyone of what is going on in her life. She loves shoes and will shop until she finds the perfect pair. Savannah likes to get manicures and considers herself "girly," but she also enjoys sports and reading mystery and All American Girl books. She interacts well with her peers, and makes lots of friends. Savannah can be a little bossy at times when she wants to get her way. She likes school and enjoys learning. She receives assistance to help her deal with her past issues and boundaries. Savannah's family must be able to give her an ongoing consistent routine and plenty of love and encouragement. She needs to feel part of a family and that she is wanted. She would like to be in a family that has older girls because she feels that she can learn from them.

Jonathan, born November 2001, is an energetic and fun loving young boy. He loves to play with cars, is very inquisitive and asks lots of questions about everything around him. Jonathan likes to play with other children, but at times becomes challenging when he does not get his way. He is making progress on learning how to control his behaviors. Jonathan can be shy at first, but warms up quickly. He has some difficulty reading and sounding out words, but with a little help he is able to figure most of the words out by himself. Overall, Jonathan enjoys learning in school and enjoys his friends. Jonathan requires an adoptive family who can give him an ongoing consistent routine with plenty of nurturing and encouragement. He will do well in a family with other children and likes to interact with other children, especially boys his age. His family will need to have experience is dealing with some developmental issues.

Contact: Jackie Baird,

Alexandra and Cynthia

Alexandra and Cynthia are very close sisters. They have a fun-loving spirit and absolutely love to play any type of board game. They are respectful, well-mannered and affectionate.

Alexandra, born in October 1998, is a very likeable and talkative girl. She is friendly and very helpful around the home. She likes to keep her room neat and clean and enjoys helping prepare meals. Alexandra loves to go on any type of outing whether it is to a theme park, out to eat or the corner store. She loves animals and playing board games. Swimming is a favorite activity as well as video and computer games. Alexandra likes attending school and loves to read. She is well liked by her teachers, is respectful and affectionate and welcomes hugs from her loved ones. She enjoys attending church and loves the music there. Alexandra wants a family who will adopt her and her older sister Cynthia. The family should be an active one and enjoy playing board games together.

Cynthia, born in January 1995, is a bright and affectionate girl who also loves to play board games. She is very shy when first meeting new people and tends to blush. She is modest and respectful. Cynthia loves and does well in school and enjoys writing, listening to Spanish music and dancing. She loves dogs and is kind-hearted. She helps around the home and enjoys helping with meal preparation. She likes to keep her room clean and organized and jumps at any opportunity for outings like theme parks, movies or out to eat. Cynthia likes attending church and loves the music there. Cynthia wants a family that will adopt her and her younger sister Alexandra. The family should be an active one and enjoy playing board games together.

Contact: Rosie Pena (361) 660 - 2219 ,


Stephanie, born in June of 1997, is a very vibrant and active child. She is very charismatic and bouncy. She enjoys a wide array of activities including playing with other children (especially toddler children), playing wall ball, volleyball, basketball and kickball. She also enjoys playing video games and boardgames. Stephanie likes playing with her Barbies, fixing hair, watching movies, going to the park, making bracelets and necklaces (arts and crafts), coloring, painting and family outings. Stephanie can be a very sweet, loving and affectionate child, however she has difficulty with responding to adults in an appropriate manner and saying things in an overbearing manner. Stephanie has some boundary issues and difficulty accepting responsibility for her actions. She will continue to need assistance and guidance in these areas. Stephanie enjoys school, but sometimes has trouble focusing on her tasks there. She is very inquisitive child who loves to learn. Her favorite foods include pizza, popcorn, ice cream and Mexican food. She indentifies herself with the Christian faith and enjoys 'praise dancing' at church. Stephanie needs a family who will clearly establish firm and consistent rules and expectations along with consequences for positive and negative behaviors. The family should be willing to connect with community resources that will aid Stephanie in her special needs. The family must be willing to follow through with recommendations made to ensure Stephanie's positive development.

Contact: Alison Williams (512) 438 - 5523

Jonathan, Ladon and Keosha

Jonathan, Ladon and Keosha are wonderful children who love each other very much. They all love being outdoors and can play outside forever and ever. This sibling group is friendly and enjoys making friends. They strive to make improvements each and everyday. These children value love, affection and attention. They desire to have parents who will nurture them, make them feel safe and wanted. They all long to be accepted and made to feel a part of their very own family. The family of these wonderful children will need to be diligent parents. They will need to provide structure and plenty of one on one attention for each child. Their parents should be affectionate, kind, and loving and be willing to advocate for them in school and encourage them to meet their full potential. The children need an active family who loves being outside.

Keosha, born in February 2000, is a lovable little girl with a lot of love. She is a sweet natured child, is passionate and loves to talk. She can talk about her favorite things for hours. Keosha loves teddy bears because they love to give hugs and care about everyone just like her. She loves girly girl things. Keosha adores getting dressed up in pretty dresses and wearing ribbons in her hair. She is sensitive to teasing. Keosha will allow herself to be easily influenced to keep friends. She is learning to make better choices when it comes to real friends and consequences. Keosha is friendly and outgoing. She works well with prompts and redirection and is overcoming her fear of being hungry although she can talk passionately about her favorite foods. She works hard at school and does well with one-on-one attention.

Ladon, born in May 1998, is a loving and soft spoken child. He uses very good manners and loves to be helpful. Ladon considers it an honor to be kind and supportive. He enjoys being the helper and accommodating others. Ladon is talkative and curious and loves to ask questions about everything. He likes to play video games and watch television as well as playing basketball outside, but he is devoted to skateboarding. Ladon is a kind hearted child who likes to make friends. He finds it difficult to accept when children pick on him. Ladon is learning to recognize when he needs to walk away and cool down. He needs guidance and prompting to assist him with redirecting his emotions. Ladon truly wants to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

Jonathan, born in April of 1997, is the oldest and the most outgoing of the group. He loves to make friends and meet new people. Jonathan is far from being shy. He makes friends easily, can have a very charismatic personality and is learning to maintain his friendships by building lasting rapport. He is so conscientious of wanting friends that he sometimes attempts to control the entire relationship. Jonathan is learning to express his feelings and properly channel his emotions. He needs strong adult role models in his life to assist him with receiving and giving respect. Jonathan loves to ride his bicycle and play outside more than playing video games. Jonathan enjoys going to church where he sings in the youth choir, participates in youth activities and can be social. He works hard at school to make constant improvements and values learning. He needs parents who will help him not just with school lessons but also with life lessons. Jonathan has to have an opportunity to be a child and know that he doesn't have to face the world alone.

The family of these wonderful children will need to be diligent parents. They will need to provide structure and plenty of one-on-one attention for each child. Their parents should be affectionate, kind, and loving and willing to advocate for them in school and encourage them to meet their full potential. They need an active family who loves being outside.

Contact: Starla Abraham (214) 951 - 7902 ,

Jordan and Megan

Jordan and Megan are delightful twin girls who will bring so much joy and fun into a family. They love adventure and excitement. Jordan and Megan are pretty little girls who are quick to laugh and giggle in unison. Megan is some times like an echo and will repeat everything that Jordan says. Jordan does not seem to tire of it. She loves to take the lead. They are close and enjoy each other's company, are full of energy and will keep you moving around and answering questions. The girls function much younger than their ages.

Megan, born in May of 1998, is quick to follow her sister’s lead. She loves Jordan very much. Megan’s own personality will come out when you least expect it. She is a good listener and holds nice conversations. She makes a good friend because of her sincerity and is quick to get on the bandwagon of fun. Megan is caring and loving but will need to be taught some things through consistent reinforcement. She has an innocent trust and impulsive personality therefore she has to be properly supervised. Megan is autistic and is in therapy to learn basic life skills. She does well when things are explained to her and she knows what is going to happen.

Jordan, also born in May of 1998, is the eldest in attitude. She is the leader of the group. She loves all the things that are considered “girly.” She enjoys getting her hair styled, nails painted, and dressed up. Jordan has a soft voice but will speak up for what she wants. She can be stubborn at times and she is learning how to temper her emotions. Jordan is also easily encouraged and reacts quickly with challenge, not giving a lot of thought to her actions. She requires supervision to make sure her boundaries stay properly set. Jordan does well in reading and math. She likes going to school. Jordan works hard in therapy to learn life skills and ways to express her feelings. She is very friendly and likes to chitchat. Jordan and Megan’s family will be very skilled in acquiring proper resources and advocating for them. They will be a family who is able to spend a lot of time with the girls. Because so much time is needed the girls should be the youngest or the only children in the home. The girls’ family will have the energy, understanding, resourcefulness, and perseverance to raise them so that every potential is identified and fulfilled in them. Their parents will teach as well as protect. The reward is seeing beautiful girls lead beautiful lives.

Contact: Zeke Sanchez (817) 792 - 4415

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